Ferhatpasa Mah. Yeditepe Cd. G2 Oltu Taşı Sk. No. 5 - Ataşehir / İSTANBUL

XT-23B On-Off-On Toggle Switch 6PIN

XT Series Toggle Switch

Wide Aplication Range
Solid Quality
Adopt thermoplastic crust,compact design

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Life : 600.000 Operations (30/1Minute)
Electrical Life : 150.000 Operations(20/1Minute)
Operation Temperature : -25/.. +80°C
Operation Voltage (Ue) : 125/250 VAC
Maximum Current (ithe) : 25A
Operation Current (le) : 15A
Isolated Voltage : 250V
Operation Frequency (f) : 50 Hz
Contact Material : Ag/Cu
Utilization Category : AC15


Operation Humidty : <% 85
Enclosure Rating : IP40 (IEC)
Certification : CE
Insulation Resistance

Contact Resistance

Activation Type


Durable Impact

Misoperation Impact

Withstand voltage on Every Terminal

Withstand voltage on Non-connection wire

: 100MΩ    500Vdc

: 15MΩ

: Maintained

: 6 Pin

: 1000m/s2

: 300m/s2

: 1500 VAC

: 1000VAC



Single & Double Throw Option
Hand reset and automatic reset for flexible choice
Small contact gap,snap action,high sensitivity and small operating travel
Adopt thermoplastic crust,compact design
Solid Quality
Long Durability




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